In one of my favourite books this interestingly cut jacket caught my eye: note the design of the pockets and the very simple cut of the armhole.

Shirt Table mimikry

A good shirt is not only about color or pattern. It’s the cut and the details and the quality that make it special. The collar is an extremely important aspect of a shirt. I have worked the hell out of mine to get the cut, shape and fit perfect.

Stefan Dietzelt mit Pullis

100% merino wool, 100% durable – these absolutely peelfree jumpers are exclusively made for Director’s Cut in Germany and every season you can get them in 6 new colors.

Stefan Dietzelt mit gelbem Fahrrad und blauem Hemd

The light blue shirt is a classic. Never fails to make you look fresh and at least 3 years younger. I work with the luxurious ultra-fine and lightweight cotton from Switzerland.